Pop Cone Qnubu California 120mm

Pop Cone 120mm Qnubu California

Qnubu California Pop Cones offer the safest option for packaging, preserving and dispensing your blunts. They come in 120mm format.

  • 20ml - 6D
    50ml - 13D
    70ml – 19D
  • 110ml – 30D
  • 220ml – 60D

Simply by tightening the upper part you can easily open the bottle and close it again, keeping your blunts always fresh and without giving off odours. 


Carton 600 Units


- Easy Opening: Press System application and vacuum release.
- Hermetic Closure: Vacuum System that will keep your flowers isolated from humidity and other contaminants.
- Anti-Odor Vacuum system prevents the emission of odors.
- Moisture Resistant
- BPA free - FDA
- Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use.

Qnubu's California Safe Pack line offers the latest in packaging used by dispensaries in the United States and Canada and complies with the most demanding manufacturing and safety standards. We have: Pop Pots, Vacuum Pots, Aluminum Pouches, Lock Pouches


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