QNUBU is a company specialized in the wholesale commercialization for:

  • CONSUMABLES: Smoking Paper, Cones, Tips, Filters, etc...
  • PACKAGING:Bags, Anti-odor canisters, mini silicone bottles
  • PARAPHERNALIA: Scales, Grinders, Detoxifiers
  • VAPEO: Vaporizers, Vape Pens, E-Liquids
  • SHISHAS: Shishas, Hookahs, Accessories, Molasses

Cannabis Products: Drinks, Edibles, Creams, Pharmaceuticals ...

QNUBU only sells to professionals of the Sector: Associations, HeadShops, Tobacconists, Souvenir Shops, ShishaShops, VapeShops etc.

We do not sell to end customers, if you are a professional in the sector, register to obtain prices and discounts.

For any further questions you can send us an email at info@qnubu.com or contact us at +34 957 850 957


Wholesaler - Distributor Consumables, Packaging, Paraphernalia, Vaporizers, Products of the Cannabis, Vaporizers